Thomas’s Bed Cover

Patchwork, Sewing

This is Thomas’s second personal blanket – his first is a small handmade traditional country patchwork which I worked on, with help from my sister, while he was very small. This one I made in 2018, using lots of fabrics from his life, and things that he has liked over the years, and ties them all together into a loose pattern alternating between red (ish), red being his favourite colour, and blue & green for the darker contrasting blocks. It is quilted in small diagonal squares, with a light blanket between the front and back, meaning it is useful for all kinds of cosy things, from a bedspread to snuggling under on the sofa. This was the first time I had tried this quilting pattern, and the results are a bit wobbly, but the overall effect is not too bad, and I learned lots. The backing is some bright exotic-looking floral cotton I had in the fabric store.

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