Lily’s Quilt

Patchwork, Sewing

I love the navy-white-red maritime-styled look, and had lots of lovely red bias binding, so I made the most of the wide variety of navy & white fabric I had in the cupboard to make this single-bed sized blanket. It is quilted through all the layers in alternating long lines of red and blue, to create a ‘woven’ look effect on the reverse, which I was quite pleased with. The quilt sandwich comprises plain sheet backing, a heavier cotton layer in between, and the patchwork on top, making it light-to-middle weight, which could be suitable as a top bed-spread through most of the year, although she might want to replace or layer it with something warmer (and more seasonal!) for winter.

This is another of my 2018 creations. I began it early in the year, but in February I was struck down with the most horrible flu I have ever had, which put me in bed for five days, and left me weak for weeks. Then I started a new job at the beginning of March, so this one sat on the machine unfinished for months, and it took some emotional effort to come back to it and conclude the work, but I was glad I did, I really like this one. I’m also pleased to hear now that it is getting regular use by its owner. 

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