I grew up in the Lake District, and was given the gift of a wild childhood, one in which I was free to explore both my own thoughts and the land around me. From this, I developed an enduring craving for adventure, but the thing that was missing for me was other people, and so I choose to live in the city now. I’m based in Lancaster, which is a small, quirky city, and I am very proud to call it home, but I love to visit other places too. Maybe it’s weird, but I get excited by railways: the thought that I can step onto a train, and end up somewhere else entirely is, I think, quite magical – a bit like Mr Benn going into the costume shop, only better because it’s real.

I currently work for St John’s Hospice in their charity shops. I love how this feels like a win-win-win-win scenario: we are saving goods from going to landfill, providing goods to those who need them at affordable prices, helping other folk declutter their space, and of course generating income to help enable the hospice to do the amazing work they do.

I’m a bit geeky about WordPress, I get completely absorbed in sewing projects, I quite like things to be tidy, and my top priority is giving my kids the best start I can for their own adventures.

I get frustrated and worn down sometimes, but I still somehow hold on in faith to the idea that it’s worth working to make things better. Maybe we can’t make everyone else play nice, but we can take responsibility for our own responses, and choose to serve and to respect each other, and to do so with gratitude and joy.

I’m a real person, and I’m interested in other real people, so if you want to get in touch with me about something, please do – I’d really like to hear from you.


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